These workshops aim to provide children with a fun place to
explore dance and music making without the pressures of looking
like a pop star. Because there isn’t a right and wrong way to
dance when you’re just out to have fun.


Alice Glenn
0400 579 006

Eva Popov
0417 161 340


Wherever humans are there is music and dance.
The problem is that most people who aren’t trained in dance feel
intimidated by dancing in public. But dancing is for all people.

In these workshops there are no lights, no steps to learn, no
technique, just free movement and musical exploration.

In these workshops kids will develop the ability to get up and
move regardless of the style and pace of the music, experience the
joy of group singing and music making.


No Lights No Lycra (NLNL) is a dance community that was started in
Melbourne in 2009 by dance \students Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett.
They wanted a place to dance as freely as they do in their living
rooms but with more space and friends to share the experience with.
Since June 2009 NLNLhas grown predominantly through word of mouth
into the global community that it is today. There are currently NLNL
communities running in Sydney, Brooklyn NY, Rochester NY,Glasgow, San
Francisco, Amsterdam and Atlanta.

No Lights No Lycra is a place where you can completely let go and shake
out the stresses of the week in a friendly, non-threatening, alcohol free
atmosphere. It’s a place to experience new music and revisit old favorites,
a time to lose yourself in the music while working up a sweat. With the
lights out people are truly free to move and a real sense of unity and
communion is achieved.

These dance workshops aim to bring this experience to children of all ages
in the hope that they will grow as confident natural dancers who can enjoy
the way their body was designed to move.

Teachers and Parents are encouraged to come along to NLNL for adults and
have a dance for themselves.It is held every Tuesday night at 250 George
Street, Fitzroy at St Marks Church. $5 a class.


These dynamic workshops encompass a broad range of music. Designed to engage
the body and the imagination – we start with the popular music that children
are immersed in whilst broadening their musical awareness with a variety of
styles and genres. The sessions involve activities to warm up the body and the
voice alongside exercises that encourage physical and musical exploration.

These workshops are experience orientated rather than performance orientated,
creating a safe space for children to be able to improvise without feeling

Each workshop involves a group discussion about why people dance and
how the participants feel about dancing in public.


These workshops are taken by Alice Glenn who was one of the founders of NLNL in
2009 and Eva Popov an experienced Musician and music teacher.

Alice Glenn has a Diploma in Education and currently works at Fitzroy Community
School as the Dance and Art Teacher. She has studiedcontemporary dance and
taught creative dance to young children for many years.

Eva Popov has 10 years experience as a music teacher, songwriter and performer.
She has released three albums under her own name and under the title Hello
Satellites, performing at festivals and venues around Australia. She has run
music workshops for children and adults and has been invited as a workshop
facilitator at festivals across Australia.